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Tecnomulipast Group realizes and installs industrial plants in the food sector.
Thanks to modern systems, it is also able to carry out custom work on design articles.
These are our services, always and everywhere insured with the utmost competence and professionalism.


TecnoMulipast Group can act as a single point of contact for the realization of industrial plants in different areas of food processing (Milling and Cereal Industry, Bakery & Pasta, Coffee & Chocolates) Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical and Petfood; coordinating every phase of the different processes involved in the realization of the same, to offer customers a solution “turnkey” solution.
By managing all stages of design, construction and installation in-house through to after-sales services, the group is able to produce highly innovative and customized industrial plants under the banner of quality and reliability.

The TecnoMulipast Group throughout the design phase employs a team of professionals consisting of engineers, project managers and diagrammists, and pays the utmost attention to designing highly innovative plants and/or solutions that meet the requirements of effectiveness and efficiency and are also capable of retaining these characteristics over time.
Plants made by the TecnoMulipast Group are tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer and designed from its initial stages to ensure maximum safety and reliability as well as to minimize its environmental impact.
In addition, TecnoMulipast Group is involved in the production of a wide range of products falling under the categories of metal carpentry, transport machinery, storage and handling systems all of which can be produced in stainless steel, painted iron and galvanized sheet metal depending on the customer’s preferences and/or needs.
To complete the project, our group offers delivery, installation and testing services for the entire system, all thanks to a team of professionals who will work directly on-site at the customer’s plant.



TecnoMulipast Group offers both routine and extraordinary maintenance services, which are essential to ensure that plants can work safely and seamlessly, avoiding potential malfunctions that could lead to a number of negative consequences in production processes and beyond.
Routine maintenance services offered by TecnoMulipast Group include:
Routine scheduled maintenance:

understood as preventive and predictive (condition-based preventive) maintenance performed according to a time schedule, at predetermined intervals or according to prescribed criteria, and aimed at reducing the possibility of failure or degradation in the operation of an entity or component.

Routine restorative maintenance:

understood as maintenance performed as part of periodic (scheduled maintenance) and aperiodic (breakdown/on-demand)maintenance services, aimed at restoring the various anomalies (detected and/or reported) and preserving the state of the assets in their original condition.

The extraordinary maintenance services offered by TecnoMulipast Group include:
Interventions, with renewal and/or replacement of parts of the facilities intended to return the facility itself to normal operating conditions, without substantially changing its performance.
Emergency response teams available h24 that guarantee with minimal time frames the restoration and startup of facilities during unexpected failures or malfunctions.
Technical Assistance and Emergency Response
TecnoMulipast Group offers, thanks to the widespread presence in the territory built over the years, an extremely competent and professional 24/7 technical assistance and emergency service.
This service operates with utmost efficiency and speed and
Our group offers, through a dedicated team of engineers, diagrammers and assembly managers, a consulting service for everything related to the improvement, operation and safety of plants as well as any technical problems related to them.
Due to quality, efficiency and timing issues, this service is available only by reservation; therefore, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
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